Amalia has fifteen years of destination marketing experience, having worked in both the travel trade and earned media space for destinations throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia and the South Pacific. To start with, people need to understand that every second breath we take comes from the oceans. // context.canvas.setAttribute("__spector_context_type", arguments[0]); = "Offscreen"; I will always remember the day I discovered coral gardening practices thanks to a marine biologist on the island. Community is a real tool to raise awareness but also to share and spread knowledge. (function() { Freediver and photographer Titouan Bernicot grew up surrounded by the ocean. The only animal that has built a structure visible from space. spector.captureContext(context, 500, false); If you continue we will assume that you agree to our. Join our community. It’s after receiving a lot of messages from all around the world of people who wanted to join the project that we decided to focus on this program so everyone can be part of the solution. Once big enough, the nursery colonies are trimmed, and the fragments are outplanted back onto the reef while the main part of the colony remains in the nursery to grow the next generation of fragments. Increasing visitors and business inquiries across the globe. 3 years ago, the Coral Gardeners Association were established by Titouan … The ocean is part of my life, it’s my favourite place on Earth. Then, even if people would like to help, they don’t really know how and to “just” give money to an association is often too abstract. } Polynésie Française. I had to do something, that’s why I created Coral Gardeners – to save the reefs. To do so, we are constantly improving our restoration techniques. OM:  What does nature mean to you personally? Stream Titouan Bernicot Coral Gardener Saving Tahiti Islands' Coral -Graeme Kemlo by Travel Writers Radio from desktop or your mobile device ), mainly on the outer slope. For over 500 million island dwellers such as Bernicot, the ocean is a source of recreation, as well as a source of daily income. Marie-Celine Piednoir shares some insights into their work with Ocean Innovators®. All Rights Reserved. My parents had a pearl farm there. } var contextNames = ["webgl", "experimental-webgl", "webgl2", "experimental-webgl2"]; I couldn't be more impressed by the way they manage to raise… Partagée par Titouan Bernicot. So they researched what was happening and discovered just how much the entire balance of the oceans — and indeed of life on earth — was tied to the health of the reefs. Our dream is to rethink marine conservation to create a massive impact to save the reef! It pushes me to calm down, to control my breath, to work on my mindset. We sit down with the founder and CEO to discover more about the man behind the mission. Sign up for our newsletter for insider tips, timely news, and stories of how we’re impacting the world one community at a time. Coral Gardeners; Coral Reefs; Shop; Coral Reefs. For the cementing technique, broken fragments are collected in the ocean and placed on underwater nursery tables. West Hollywood, CA 90069. If you’d like to Adopt a Coral through Coral Gardeners, click here. } 25%. “That small investment created a domino effect in tourism. var __SPECTOR_Origin_EXTENSION_GetContext = HTMLCanvasElement.prototype.getContext; 46 Followers, 0 Following, 0 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Titouan (@moorea.coral.gardeners) The technique consists in finding an appropriate substrate where fragments can hold themselves correctly. OM: Was there a specific moment when you realised you had to do something about the state of French Polynesia’s reefs? They are working with a cementing technique while implementing the new super corals project. Photo Credit: Uli Kunz context = this.__SPECTOR_Origin_EXTENSION_OffscreenGetContext(arguments[0], arguments[1]); OffscreenCanvas.prototype.getContext = function () { Currently, the Coral Gardeners have four sites and five nurseries. And their effects extend beyond the shoreline. We need to realise that we are coexisting with nature and that we cannot always take from it without giving back. } Coral reefs are like the rainforests of the ocean. var __SPECTOR_Origin_EXTENSION_OffscreenGetContext = OffscreenCanvas.prototype.getContext; } A few months later, as the year drew to a close and thoughts turned to gratitude and giving around the holidays, Amalia had an idea. Instagram. I was floating atop the water, Free Standard Shipping On All Orders COVID-19 Update. The oceans — including coral’s algae — produce 50% of the oxygen we breathe while absorbing carbon dioxide. TB: Our main challenge is to scale up. return context; Titouan Bernicot (TB): I grew up on Ahe, a small atoll in the North of the Tuamotu islands. During this difficult time, we have to grab the opportunity to realise the impact we have on nature and to rethink our lifestyles. The earliest years of his life were spent in a tiny house on a minuscule island … Today, there are a lot of initiatives around the world, but we need a combined effort. In a few weeks, when the coral had grown around the bamboo, almost like roots spreading, the team would drill a hole in a dead piece of coral (the exoskeleton) and transplant the healthy coral plug to proliferate (since then their restoration technique has changed and they now focus on super corals that they cement directly onto the reef). Pollution, people treading heavily over the reef, overfishing, unsustainable tourism, chemical inputs, massive freshwater inputs during floods and rainy season in general. Save 40% on your vacation stay - November 30-December 19, 2020 (new bookings only) Coral Gardens Resort is located on the #1 beach in the world. The director of the publication is Mr. Titouan BERNICOT, in his capacity as director. document.dispatchEvent(myEvent); I am curious and sometimes scared but this gives me an adrenaline boost. Beneath The Surface - Episode #9 We are up and running again. Beneath. Denver, CO 80202, 1 Adelaide Street East They recall, “ Enjoying our time in the ocean is a skill and a passion. As an 18-year-old concerned at the state of the reef, Titouan Bernicot formed Mo’orea Coral Gardeners in an effort to restore it. Mo’orea is fringed by a large coral reef that’s home to some of the world’s most diverse marine life. So, we did some research and we realised that if coral reefs disappeared, the entire balance of our oceans would be upset. TB: In 2015, when my friends and I went surfing we made a very concerning discovery: the corals under our feet had turned white. That's why he founded Coral Gardeners, an organisation to raise awareness for one of the most endangered ecosystems in the world – coral reefs. 20% of the worlds coral reefs are already dead, 30% are condemned & the rest of the worlds reefs are threatened! if (contextNames.indexOf(arguments[0]) !== -1) { if (captureOnLoad) { Also, the Covid-19 pandemic forced people to stay home and to realise how much they miss a simple walk outside. of the oxygen we breathe is produced by the ocean through among all coral’s symbiotic algae and other marine organisms. 3 years ago, the Coral Gardeners Association were established by Titouan Bernicot and his teenage friends. When we witnessed our first bleaching event, we learnt about corals and discovered how essential they are for our oceans. Suite 800 W if (!arguments.length) { Cementing is one of the most efficient and least invasive techniques to date. Regarding super corals, to help the reef fight climate change we choose to focus on species displaying stronger genetic abilities to resist high temperatures. Accept. Members of the Coral Gardeners group are actively preventing the loss of corals by transplanting coral cuttings onto degraded areas of the reef. document.dispatchEvent(myEvent); Subscribe to the digital edition for just £20 a year, or enjoy it for free courtesy of Oceanographic’s partnership with Project AWARE®. By continuing to use our site, you consent to our use of cookies. “This was one of those stories that just keeps giving back. if (context === null) { TB: It was a choice I made, but it was never a question either. The founder Titouan and his team of surfers, free divers, and fishermen are actively working to restore the corals through a program of regeneration, and they are inviting eco-warriors from across the globe to get involved, from home. window.__SPECTOR_Canvases.push(this); 10% of the super colonies are sampled and put into our nurseries for 12-18months, until they reach a decent size. TotalSUP speaks to Moorea Coral Gardeners founder and president Titouan Bernicot about the project, 425pro involvement and how we can help reduce our impact on the ocean. Why is what The Coral Gardeners do so significant? Super coral selection is usually performed during an intense bleaching event, during which resistant corals tend to be the only unaffected colonies. I feel small compared to the power of the ocean and it teaches me humility, love and respect for all forms of life. of marine life call coral reefs their home, while covering less than 1% of the ocean floor. OM: Do you think becoming a reef guardian was a choice or an obligation? Captivating storytelling. Coral Gardeners 1,223 views. Titouan Bernicot, fondateur de Coral Gardeners vous montre comment planter votre propre corail et sauver les récifs! The technique provides a hard surface for the fragments to colonise right away, before merging with the substrate, hence facilitating their growth. All Content © 2020 Copyright Development Counsellors International (DCI). Please follow their adventure on their social media platforms: Facebook. window.__SPECTOR_Canvases = []; Copyright © 2020 CXD MEDIA LTD. All rights reserved, Website design and build by Thinking Juice. if (contextNames.indexOf(arguments[0]) !== -1) { [CDATA[ Titouan Bernicot. if (context === null) { if (captureOffScreen) { return context; “We took it to heart from the very beginning,” says Amalia Mehiti, the lead for Tourisme Tahiti. var myEvent = new CustomEvent("SpectorWebGLCanvasAvailableEvent"); } When DCI signed Tourisme Tahiti, they specified their desire to highlight other stories, beyond the 5-star resorts. When he realised that his office, playground and sanctuary was under attack, he launched Coral Gardeners, which has been garnering support rapidly around the world and was the cover story of Oceanographic Issue 12. They were shocked by how quickly the colorful corals beneath them had turned to white and, within a few days, perished. People from all around the world can adopt a coral to support us. if (false) { When I was three years old, we moved to Mo’orea, the sister island of Tahiti, so I could go to school. The substrate needs to be cleaned of all algae or sediment, before the fragment is placed and fixed with about three small dots of underwater cement. Coral reefs are like the rainforests of the ocean. Then they worked with Coral Gardeners to produce certificates for each of them. } } Thanks to communities, we can reach so many people because each one of us can spread the word about corals within its own community. A few days later, they had perished. OM: Why is community so important with regard to Coral Gardeners and marine conservation? Sea “I remember planting my first coral on the reef four years ago. We took the SAXX CannonBall Swim Short on a mission rebuilding Tahiti’s coral reefs along with Moorea Coral Gardeners founder Titouan Bernicot. It’s everywhere, we just cannot live without it. captureOnLoad = false; A few years ago I discovered Coral Gardeners, a great project Titouan was starting. // Ensures canvas is in the dom to capture the one we are currently tracking. We just changed our technique to cementing and super corals. if (!arguments.length) { The ocean is a part of my life, so I never considered the possibility not to be linked to it for my entire life. “And a partnership with Coral Gardeners seemed like the perfect step towards that.”. 14th Floor So that was my purpose. It’s also home to 21-year-old Titouan Bernicot, founder of conservation organisation Coral Gardeners. Beautiful ocean stories straight to your inbox. } TB: Freediving is my passion. A ‘rescue’ cementing is performed the next day to check that the cement has hardened properly, and all fragments are secured. OM: Do you think the majority of humans have become disconnected from nature? Through a symbiotic relationship between a calcareous exoskeleton and a vast array of millions of algae, coral reefs make up colorful underwater forests that are home to 25% of marine life (despite covering less than 1% of the oceans). - Grace Bay beach 1-800-532-8536 Enjoy the very best of luxurious island living directly on the white sands and warm turquoise waters of the world renowned Grace Bay Beach. OM:  What are your hopes for the future of the Mo’orea reef? Toronto, ON M5C 2V9, 750 N San Vicente Blvd Coral reefs are estimated to die by 2050, so their mission is to restore reefs while also raising awareness about corals through social media and communication. context = this.__SPECTOR_Origin_EXTENSION_GetContext(arguments[0], arguments[1]); Goenda REEA. I cannot let it down, I have to be part of the solution. I had to do something, that’s why I created Coral Gardeners – to save the reefs. Second, they do not really know how to help at their scale. Now tour companies and travelers know about Coral Gardener and want to go plant coral,” says Amalia. return context; With global warming and our carbon footprint we are all killing the reefs, that’s why we created Coral Gardeners and a global community, to spread the word and to make everyone move to a more sustainable lifestyle. else if (arguments.length === 2) { TB: Reefs are hit by climate change (temperature, acidification, etc. } We have so much to learn from the ocean, for example how we could redesign a new society after this global pandemic, a more sustainable one. return context; We see more and more people and organisations raising awareness about the situation. If we want to save the world’s coral reefs, we need to think bigger. Stephanie Soulet. What if DCI “adopted” coral as gifts for journalists and travel companies? See our privacy policy Adopt A Coral For Father's Day Courtesy of Moorea Coral Gardeners Association, Moorea, French Polynesia. Titouan founded a nonprofit called Coral Gardeners with a two-fold mission: to raise awareness on the importance of coral reefs and to work at restoring them. No cost, no catch. Notre série de vidéos vous … A 19 ans, Titouan Bernicot est le Président de PearlRomance France, entreprise de création et commercialisation de bijoux avec perles de Tahiti, et le Président-fondateur de Moorea Coral Gardeners, association qui permet la sauvegarde des coraux en Polynésie Française. Read the full story of the Coral Gardeners in Issue 12 of Oceanographic Magazine – available worldwide. It reminds me why we work so hard to save the reef. They need to realise that without the oceans we cannot survive. Suite 3001 The website is published by Coral Gardeners, and hosted by Cloudways Ltd. (C 55975) with registered office at 52 Springvale Pope Pius XII Street, Mosta, Malta. On the Path to Rebuilding Traveler Confidence, Salinas Impact Story: Creating Fertile Soil for Untold Stories to Grow, Sparking Recovery with Digital Influencers, Museum Marketing: Engaging Visitors by Thinking Outside the Box. return context; That’s why with Coral Gardeners we are using social media to raise awareness about the ocean: we are showing its beauty and its importance. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. I cannot imagine living on a planet with no reefs and viable oceans. After a slight technical mishap - to be expected when video calling from the east coast of Australia to an island in French Polynesia - I score an impromptu tour of the organisation’s coast-hugging headquarters and an introduction to just about every member of the team, including Coral Gardeners founder Titouan … } context = this.__SPECTOR_Origin_EXTENSION_OffscreenGetContext(arguments[0]); OM: What new initiatives will you be working on this year? } We do our best to process and ship orders within 1-2 business days (Monday-Friday, excluding holidays). HTMLCanvasElement.prototype.getContext = function () { Cementing is one of the most efficient and least invasive techniques to date. Feels good to be back! I feel small compared to the power of the ocean. TB: I feel that I am in a completely different world, in a dimension. When he realised that his office, playground and sanctuary was under attack, he launched Coral Gardeners, which has been garnering support rapidly around the world and was the cover story of Oceanographic Issue 12. else if (arguments.length === 2) { return context; These young men had grown up on Mo’orea and had witnessed first-hand the rapid degradation of the coral reefs surrounding the island due to climate change, overfishing, and unwitting tourists. OM:  How is freediving important to your work? But after one face time call with Titouan (founder of coral gardeners in Moorea), and Temoana (the whale whisperer) my life had changed forever and I hadn't known it yet. Founded by 20-year-old visionary Titouan Bernicot, whose mission is to save the coral reefs on The Islands of Tahiti and educate the world about the threats to coral reefs, visitors can now actively participate in their } TB: Wherever you are on the planet, we are all reliant on coral reefs and ocean health. } var captureOnLoad = false; Titouan founded a nonprofit called Coral Gardeners with a two-fold mission: to raise awareness on the importance of coral reefs and to work at restoring them. This week the restoration team is following on the health and growth of our planted fragments and the French navigator and artist Titouan Lamazou pays us a visit in one of our nurseries to plant his first coral. “When I look at the islands of Tahiti, I think of longevity and want many generations to come to enjoy them,” she says. ‘Sea Stories’ | Beautiful storytelling & photography, straight to your inbox, Join our community, stories straight to your inbox. I was hooked. Titouan and his team had begun gathering broken pieces of coral and placing them into bamboo plugs that were held in an underwater wireframe table where they could acclimate and grow. // Notify the page a canvas is available. The Coral Gardeners project in Tahiti is offering people the opportunity to adopt a Coral. return context; var found = false; if (typeof OffscreenCanvas !== 'undefined') { It planted the seed for something that continues to grow.”, As Titouan says, “When you have passion for something and you dream big, you can create great things.”. It is like a meditative state that helps me to stay focused and to be fully committed at work. I felt surprised, curious and I wanted to understand what was happening. It helps me to reconnect with the ocean. We have updated our Privacy Policy to include GDPR. Photo: Kelsey Willamson Tauaro Roometua grew up on the small island of Mo’orea, only a short ferry ride away from Tahiti. Photo: Uli Kunz, via Coral Gardeners “For us, as locals, [the corals] are everything,” Mr Bernicot said. To put it into perspective, if we don’t do something as a global community, it is predicted there will be no coral … var spector; Since I was a child, I have spent most of my time in the water, so I created a deep connection with the ocean. Coral Gardeners is an organization led by founder Titouan Bernicot and a group of native Tahitians, who noticed the devastation of the reefs in their islands and decided to act by replanting coral… if (context === null) { Shipping information. On a trip to Tahiti in 2018, Amalia met a young Tahitian, Titouan Bernicot, at a local tourism conference and was intrigued by what he and his friends were doing. context.canvas.setAttribute("__spector_context_type", arguments[0]); var context = null; After a 20 minutes we decided i’d move out there for 3 months, and be the photographer for Coral Gardeners. She currently directs DCI’s travel trade marketing efforts in both the U.S. and Canada. I have to say I would love for it to be an obligation for everyone in the world but at least I am working on having everyone being able to make the right choice thanks to what Coral Gardeners offers with the adoption program! // Notify the page a canvas is available. Also, thanks to the community, you can ask questions, you can learn from others and you can also help others with your knowledge and support. if (arguments.length === 1) { I am lucky that I grew up on Mo’orea, so I have always been connected to nature, it is part of our culture. context = this.__SPECTOR_Origin_EXTENSION_GetContext(arguments[0]); the. if (arguments.length === 1) { Freediver and photographer Titouan Bernicot grew up surrounded by the ocean. TB: We are working on a new membership program (more to come!) if (context === null) { We want them to know how important the reefs are and to want to get involved. 50%. Amalia worked with the Tahiti Tourisme team to choose 80 top tier journalists and tour/travel companies who sell to Tahiti. var context = null; Known for its crystalline waters and vibrant marine life, the Tahitian island of Moorea is home to the 21-year-old founder of the Coral Gardeners, Titouan Bernicot, for whom the sea holds more value than it does for most. Youtube Big thank you to Titouan and Ioane Bernicot which are the founders of Moorea Coral Gardeners, for their dedeciation to our ocean, for wanting to do something better and for inspiring future generations to preserve our mother Nature. His aim was to educate locals about the natural wonder they have in their front yard, so to speak, and to give them a way to help rebuild them. New York, NY 10003, 2420 17th Street, Suite 200 The lagoon faces the same threats on top of the human factor. ... World Surf League X Coral Gardeners - Dr. Austin Bowden-Kerby Part 2 - Duration: 1:46. I planted my first coral and months later it has doubled in size. Take a look inside the latest issue of Oceanographic Magazine. “Thirty years ago, this bay was full of fish,” explains my guide Taumata, who alongside childhood best friend Titouan, nurtures the NGO Coral Gardeners. Coral Gardeners Environmental Services Temae, Polynésie française 3,643 followers Saving the reef, one coral at a time. TB: Two things. Stephanie Soulet Maitre de Conférences chez Université de la Polynésie française (UPF) Polynésie Française. Coral reefs have given me everything in life, from the waves we surf to the fish we eat. TB: Our hope is to be able to save the Mo’orea reef but also to use this location as a pilot test to develop our project in other countries. We are constantly improving our methods and collaborating with experts, scientists, and engineers to create a scalable model that will allow us to set up Coral Gardeners branches around the world. Loading... Unsubscribe from Titouan Bernicot? } It is ironic how people tend to forget about it. Tauaro Roometua (center) welcomes guests to the Coral Gardeners eco tour on the island of Mo’orea. if (this.parentElement || false) { spector.captureContext(context, 500, false); captureOnLoad = false; } } } return context; } })() // ]]> Beautiful photography. HTMLCanvasElement.prototype.__SPECTOR_Origin_EXTENSION_GetContext = __SPECTOR_Origin_EXTENSION_GetContext; Coral Gardeners uses cookies to provide you with a great experience. With oceans getting warmer and more acidic, a group of divers are planting baby corals to restore the dying coral reefs. OffscreenCanvas.prototype.__SPECTOR_Origin_EXTENSION_OffscreenGetContext = __SPECTOR_Origin_EXTENSION_OffscreenGetContext; “From day one we were on the lookout for authentic experiences to share with the world.”. Feels good to be back! First, they do not feel fully connected to the oceans, they don’t even know how oceans are vital for all of us. TB: Nature is the most complex and beautiful thing on Earth. Plus, the biodiversity of marine life in coral reefs directly supports over 500 million people worldwide and generates $36 billion in tourism dollars annually. var captureOffScreen = false; That’s how Coral Gardeners and Titouan, its founder, come into play. var contextNames = ["webgl", "experimental-webgl", "webgl2", "experimental-webgl2"]; When these coral fragments grow, they help to recreate reef habitats. So, with Coral Gardeners we created the adoption program. The Coral Gardeners is offering a new interactive EcoTour in Moorea. It is something concrete: you add a coral to the reef. for (var i = 0; i < window.__SPECTOR_Canvases.length; i++) { if (window.__SPECTOR_Canvases[i] === this) { found = true; break; } } if (!found) { window.__SPECTOR_Canvases.push(this); } } if (captureOnLoad) { // Ensures canvas is in the dom to capture the one we are currently tracking. var myEvent = new CustomEvent("SpectorWebGLCanvasAvailableEvent"); 215 Park Avenue South Titouan Bernicot, founder of Coral Gardeners will show you how to plant your o... Did you know half of the world’s oxygen comes from the oceans and coral reefs? Titouan Bernicot Founder & CEO of Coral Gardeners. Yet without our help, scientists estimate that the coral reefs of the world could disappear by 2050. OM: Why do you think people are able to ignore the plight of the oceans? We already have a really strong community, but we want every single person on earth to know what a coral is. Coral Gardeners is an organisation in French Polynesia aiming to save coral reefs. Photographs by: Denis Grosmaire, Ryan Borne and Sho Niimura, courtesy of Coral Gardeners. Nevertheless, I have hope. That day, back in 2018, Titouan was at the trade show to promote Coral Gardeners to Tahitians. OM: How do you feel when you’re underwater? We lost sight of the fact that simple things are enough and that the Earth can live without us but we cannot live without it. to make sure that everyone in the world can support us from where they are and with their expertise. // Asphalt Driveway Crack Repair, Se In English, Mindy Smith Instagram, Mazda Protege Manual Transmission For Sale, 2019 Mazda Cx-9 Owner's Manual, Bitbucket Api Get Repos In Project, Mindy Smith Instagram, Mazda Protege Manual Transmission For Sale, 2014 Ford Explorer Subwoofer Install, 43 Division Ww2, Think And Grow Rich Statement Example, Mazda 3 2018, Breakfast Nook With Storage,