‘Lend me someone to ask, goddess.’ Cybele spying her learned. Though kind Venus sets her hand there and claims it. Please her with words of supplication: beauty. My next projects are more selected poems of Goethe and Rilke, some selected Ronsard, and another collection of my … And the cattle dropped their young prematurely. Quaking with fear at her words, Attalus, said: ‘Go, You’ll still be ours: Rome claims Phrygian ancestry.’, Immediately countless axes felled the pine-trees. im mittelitalischen Provinzstädtchen Sulmo (heute: Sulmona) geboren. Holy themes set to a gloomy lyre are not for you. Why then do we call those who castrate themselves, Galli, When the Gallic country’s so far from Phrygia?’. But she felt that fate didn’t require her powers in Latium. And the Mylae, that rich pasture for sacred cattle. The Fasti (Latin: Fastorum Libri Sex, "Six Books of the Calendar "), sometimes translated as The Book of Days or On the Roman Calendar, is a six-book Latin poem written by the Roman poet Ovid and published in A.D. 8. The astronomical material in Ovid's Fasti has been overlooked by the current trend of scholarly interest in the poem. Better to gnaw at swords and harmful spears: They’re not needed: the world’s at peace. Please refer to our Privacy Policy. And the place where the sea receives Symaethus’ waves. Daughter, where are you?’, She rushed about, distracted, as we’ve heard. And drink the creamy milk and the purple must: Then leap, with nimble feet and straining thighs. When her crowd of friends had gathered their flowers, They shouted: ‘Persephone, come for your gifts!’. And horses swift as the wind will compete for the winner’s prize. Her hair loosened in mourning, did as he did. The men wearied their arms hauling hard on the ropes: The foreign vessel barely made way against the stream. Still sacred to Pan, the god of Maenalus: He gave answers, to calm minds, in night silence. Those three projecting horns of her land. Tempora cum causis Latium Had wounded her, false charges were levelled at her: Her elegance, promenading around in various hairstyles. 12. And had lifted its head above the conquered world. ‘The enemy’s pledged his vine-crop to the Tyrrhenian king: Jupiter, you shall have the wine from the Latin vines!’. By shrill clash of bronze, and curved flute’s dreadful drone. Ovid is now firmly established as a central figure in the Latin poetic canon, and his Fasti is his most complex elegy. Half of the care she ought to be shown is yours. With his shovel: Remus sank, bloodied, to the stony ground. Halaesus had come, spurred by the fate of the Atrides. And invite others to banquets, more than at other times. Conscious of virtue, she laughed at the rumoured lies. During the city-wide festivals of the Argei (March and May) and the Vestalia (June), times that were nefas for weddings, she participated with the Vestals in the rituals of purification (see Ovid Fasti 2.19) conducted by them, by dressing in mourning clothes, not tending her hair and nails (see also Ovid Fasti 3.393-8), and abstaining from contact with her husband. No season is more fitting for Venus than Spring: In spring the earth gleams: in spring the ground’s soft. There was a pause for me to ask more: I said: ‘Why does the goddess collect money in small coins?’, She said: ‘The people gave coppers, with which Metellus, Built her shrine, so now there’s a tradition of giving them.’. Now steep Ida echoed to a jingling music. After him the realm passed to Proca. There’s a cave, its interior carved from sharp pumice. Now she gazed at incense-gathering Arabs, now Ethiopians. I said ‘Where did this urge to cut off. And now my horses sweep out a wider field: From ancient texts I sing the days and reasons. And the god, half-goat, have fled at sight of me: If my knife has pruned the copse of a shady bough. Add meats, and a pail of her milk, and when the meat. Can scarcely endure the unaccustomed daylight. And raised her light three times in the vast heavens, A goddess comes framed in a thousand varied garlands. To offer the entrails of a dog and a sheep to the flames. A City arose, destined (who’d have believed it then?). bis wohl 17 n. And fills the waters with innumerable fish. In Numa’s kingship the harvest failed to reward men’s efforts: The farmers, deceived, offered their prayers in vain. Alba followed Latinus: Epytus was next to take your titles Alba. That a Caesar, armed, clashed shields at Modena. The same force preserves whatever lives in the deep. Kind Ceres abstained, and gave to the boy. On the Lady’s table. Let the Sun three times yoke and loose his horses, And the Berecyntian flute will begin sounding. Elaine Fantham: Recent Readings of Ovid's Fasti. She’d already passed Leontini, the river Amenanas. And, with loosened hair, uttered these words: “ Kind and fruitful Mother of the Gods, accept. Then, bearing down on the plough handle, he marked the walls: The yoke was borne by a white cow and a snowy ox. ‘Kindly mother of the twin Cupids, favour me!’ I said. Vesta, bear the day onwards! ‘Guide of my work, I beg you, teach me also, where She. Ovid, Fasti 2: On the Rape of Lucretia Source: http://www.poetryintranslation.com/PITBR/Latin/OvidFastiBkTwo.htm Translated by A. S. Kline, copyright 2004. And still worked her hands assiduously at the loom. And considered the ambiguous and dark command. Almost followed those ships that carried the sacred relics. Puts off his fierceness and follows the heifer. That the earth produced without being asked: They sometimes plucked wild grasses from the turf. And Diomedes, the Oenid, son-in-law to Apulian Daunus. Telegonus’s walls were already standing, and the walls. The Messenger God had his orders, and took flight for Tartarus. Granddaughters, the Muses, ordered them to take care of me. Now he cried: “Remove the torches”, now he cried: “Take the whips away”: often swearing he saw the Furies. Didn’t disdain to share the name of parent. So spoke the king: ‘Be with me, as I found my City. Caesar was my leader, under whom I’m proud. Klio 75 (1993) 228-243. May the wicker sieve strain my liquid whey. Its curved horn, it will be the Idaean Mother’s feast. Or collect green mallows or gather white mushrooms. Vast erudition and considered judgement undergird what will be the standard textbook for many years to come. His works include the Fasti, an incomplete poem in six books describing the first six months of the Roman calendar, richly illustrated with Greco-Roman myths and legends. That Persephone should spend six months each year in heaven. She refused. ‘Runs a river of maddening water, called the Gallus. And Himera, Didyme, Acragas and Tauromenium. Too long to tell of the lands she wandered: No place on earth remained unvisited by Ceres. You prostitutes, celebrate the divine power of Venus: Venus suits those who earn by your profession. ‘But why is her head weighed down by a turreted crown? While confined in his cradle was a sickly son. On this day, returning to Rome from Nomentum. She rules the whole world too, and truly deserves to: She owns a realm not inferior to any god’s. Caesar, in April you’ll find what should interest you. He did fail, and in meeting the nymph Sagaritis. Wie dein Auge mich trifft, sinket und hebt And the place who’s name’s derived from a curving sickle. You girded attendants lift those knives from the ox: Let the ox plough, while you sacrifice the lazy sow. Rule all, and be ever subject to mighty Caesar. To it all: she fled the hands that were out to burn her: In fleeing she set the crops, that covered the fields, ablaze: And a breeze lent strength to the devouring flames. Among them fertile Enna, with its well-ploughed soul. Rather she aims to combine the methodology of recent 'programmatic' or genre-based readings with a broad cultural perspective. The first fell to Faunus, the second to gentle Sleep: Both the fleeces were spread on the hard soil. I went with him, so as not to be ignorant of the rite: Your priest, Quirinus, pronounced these words: And let their tender tips quiver above the soil. Came to meet her at the mouth of the Tuscan river. She left Sunium’s exposed cape behind, and Piraeus’ safe harbour. Every man, hauling, laboured beyond his strength. Fasti ed. Or is the custom due rather to Aeneas’ piety. Es ist zu diskutieren, in welchem Sinn Ovid dieses Epitheton (hier und sonst, sogar in den, Nos personalia non concoquimus. Calling and shouting both the names in turn, But Persephone heard not Ceres, nor the daughter. Ilia and Lausus were then the children of Numitor. Nach Ovid am 13. bis wohl 17 n. Goddess, placate the springs, and placate their divinities. Let my prayer be granted, and every year we’ll make, Huge cakes for Pales, Mistress of the shepherds.’. And let the wool prove soft, not scratch the girls. One tried the rocks of the wooded Palatine. Her snowy horses, and the next dawn shines in the sky, He’ll speak true who says: ‘On this day long ago, The temple of Public Fortune was dedicated on the Quirinal.’, It was the third day of the games (I recall), and a certain. His wife, Egeria, most dear to the grove, eased his doubt, Saying: ‘What’s needed are the innards of a pregnant cow,’, The innards of a pregnant cow were offered: the year proved. Unknown Heroides ed. Huld. Festival: on this day no one wears dark-coloured thread. Return the gold necklaces to her neck, once it’s dry: Now she’s given fresh flowers, and new-sprung roses. One that takes its name from a Sicilian hill: When Claudius took Arethusian Syracuse by force. Of flowers: and the stage has freer license for mirth. When the third day after the Ides of April dawns. More fruitful, and earth and cattle bore their increase. Ovid's Metamorphoses, tr. Why then, you ask, is the Vinalia Venus’ festival? From there she crossed the Aegean, saw all the Cyclades. And the star-signs that rise and set, beneath the Earth. Carried away!’ and tore at the breast of her robe: Meanwhile a path opened for Dis, since his horses. Three times, three times lifted her palms to the sky, (Everyone watching her thought she’d lost her mind). (Since they say that Asterope slept with Mars: Alcyone, and you, lovely Celaeno, with Neptune: Maia, Electra, and Taygete with Jupiter). And, passing through Asia’s cities, sought the long Hellespont. adnue conanti per laudes The priest consulted the fateful words of Euboean prophecy: They say that what he found there was as follows: ‘The Mother’s absent: Roman, I command you: seek the Mother. Horaz, epode16). starb, ruhte Ovids Hoffnung auf eine Rückberufung nach Rom auf Germanicus. But silence met their call: they filled the hills with their cries. You always claimed your parents were Mars and Venus. Geszetelyi, Tamás: Arion bei Ovid (Fasti II 79-118). Everything. 8. n. Chr. What’s the reason?’ I asked. The title of Emperor sooner for his victory in war. The stage is set: the games are calling. digesta per annum, Römischen Jahres Verlauf And she does this at the behest of a little incense. Was falling, fled for the summit of Mount Dindymus. He abstained from sex: no meat might be served. What but sweet pleasure creates all the race of birds? They who are said to be seven, but usually are six: Because it’s true that six lay in the loving clasp of gods. post septem luces Iunius actus erit. Conditions and Exceptions apply. From Dardanus came Ericthonius, and from himTros: He in turn produced Assaracus, and Assaracus Capys. Ceres’ Eleusis was then old Celeus’ farm. But before that he saw the birth of a son Agrippa. und hrsg. Januar : Anmerkungen und Hilfen zur Übersetzung: Verse 1-62 - Einleitung: 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60: Tempora cum causis Latium digesta per annum lapsaque sub terras ortaque signa canam. Lenk, ist die Bitte Naked, on the shore, she was drying her dripping hair: The Satyrs, that wanton crowd, spied the goddess. We have come. And the threshing-floor barely held the heaped sheaves. Januar [587-616] 13. So the child might cry from its infant mouth, in safety. The foolish prize enticed their girlish spirits. Wie dir gewaltigen Stroms flutet des Geistes Now, when she’d stepped from the line of chaste women, Taking pure river water in her hands, she wetted her head. There’s a certain law of Carseoli, that bans foxes: And they burn a fox at the Cerialia to punish the species. Give the Mistress myrtle, and the mint she loves. And there’s a particular reason for her command (learn, now!). On the hearth, so the fire would purge his mortal burden. And struck the ground, heart filled with indignation. Sheep’s entrails, and (I saw him) the foul guts of a vile dog. Holy things, and a father as holy, on his shoulders, through the fire. Of damp Tibur, constructed by Greek hands. The old man and the virgin girl, wept with her: And these were the righteous old man’s words: ‘Rise, and don’t scorn the shelter of my humble hut, And may the lost daughter you mourn be safe and sound.’, The goddess said: ‘Lead on! Was she always resident in our City? Stern. She’d crossed Pelorias, Lilybaeum and Pachynum. Later the acorn was known: its discovery was fine. März 43 v. Chr. When the next dawn gazes on victorious Rome. Im Verlauf bildete sich unter Ergänzung besonderer Ereignisse ein früher Kalender heraus.. Abgeleitet ist der Begriff von fari (sprechen), welches wiederum mit fas (göttliches Recht) in Verbindung steht. Ich und den Tagen zumal, die er den Festen They say Spring was named from the open (apertum) season, Because Spring opens (aperit) everything and the sharp. And so her face now is covered by her hands. She called out: ‘Oh, dearest Mother, I’m being. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License. Let’s make the attempt, but only if she’s kept her fast: If not, she’ll remain the wife of her infernal spouse.’. Avert dire famine: let leaves and grass be abundant. Sing ich und nieder- und aufgehende Sterne Meanwhile Night arrived, her calm brow wreathed. ‘I’m no nobler than him: my kingdom’s in the sky. non satis est liquido cognita causa mihi. Yet never a mother, and grieved at her own fruitfulness. Als Augustus 14 n.Chr. Delighted by this, the citizens laid foundations. This dog is set on the altar to signify the starry one, And the only reason for it is because of the name.’. The wild ram butts the males with his horn. They came to a bend in the river (called of old. Was brought from. She was disguised as an old woman, her hair. Remove her riches: the goddess must be cleansed, complete. And she rose from the stone and followed the old man. And a fire was duly kindled on the new-made hearth. In these rites’ (I had asked) ‘then learn the reason. When Tiberinus ruled his father’s kingdom after him. The Fasti completes my translation of all Ovid's works (apart from a minor fragment) and I think he is now available complete for the first time on the Web in modern translation. Then, at last, Ceres recovered her countenance and spirits. He couldn’t be ignorant that Electra daughter of Atlas. And where Eryx stands, ever open to the Western winds. But we’re always ready to credit others with faults. Dazu gehörte materiell die Wiederherstellung verfallener Tempel und Altäre, ideell die Wiederbelebung alter Kulte und Feste und eines entsprechenden geistigen Klimas, in dessen Dienst sich z.T. And captured that hill of Eryx, too, in the war, Venus moved to Rome, according to the long-lived Sibyl’s. A thousand arts are furthered by the goddess: and the wish. nach E. Klußmann bearbeitet von E. Gottwein, Widmung She passed the Icarian Sea, as well, where Icarus shed. Saying: ‘Protect the cattle and masters alike: And drive everything harmful from my stalls. If only it could have been hidden forever. Through whom the Julian house claims Teucrian ancestors. 9. His half-burnt torch, and the farmer’s off to his usual labours. And none of her friends chanced to follow their lady. (A wonder, but the sacred drama attests what I say): The goddess stirred, followed, and, following, approved her: Witness the sound of jubilation carried to the stars. Evander had reached here with ships full of his people: (A club-bearing guest fed his cattle on Aventine grass. schon Horaz (Römeroden) und Vergil mit der Schaffung des römischen Nationalepos (Aeneis) gestellt hatten. Vgl. aversatus honorem. Now they mix cream cheese with pounded herbs, So the ancient goddess might know the ancient food.’, When the stars have vanished, and the Moon unyokes. He wrapped his captive in straw and hay, and set fire. And may you often own to many of that name: And as long as you stand, sublime, in a conquered world. But if I’m free of guilt, grant a pledge of my innocence, By your action: and, chaste, give way to my chaste hands.”. She sensed it, and hid her body with a screen of myrtle: Doing so, she was safe: she commands that you do so too. Clarendon Press, Oxford 1994, ISBN 0-19-814935-2; Carole E. Newlands: Playing with Time.Ovid and the Fasti. And you who must not wear the headbands and long robes. And Ida, with its pleasant streams, and the Trojan realm: And when Aeneas brought Troy to Italian fields, the goddess. And let scorched laurel crackle in the hearth. The next wine from your vats, no great prize. From the right side of the bed, he uttered these words: ‘King, you must appease Earth, with the death of two cows: Let one heifer give two lives, in sacrifice.’. Juni – Übersetzung. Yet the ship lodged there, like an island fixed in mid-ocean: And astonished at the portent, men stood and quaked. Detailed Index of Names. Unknown [The Latin Library] Translations: French by Unknown [Université catholique de Louvain] Halieutica ed. FASTI BOOK 4, TRANSLATED BY JAMES G. FRAZER [1] ... Ovid was exiled to Scythia. Autumn came, dyed with the trodden grapes: The wine, justly owed to Jupiter, was paid. Then the as yet unnamed Quirites wept for the youth: And finally the pyre, wet by their tears, was lit. Copper was prized then, iron was still hidden: Ah! And to the cottages, they were about to abandon. The sun leaves the Ram, Aries, leader of the woolly flock. To our country, out of the flames of Ilium. In that place that steams with heated water. He was succeeded by Numitor, brother to harsh Amulius. From whom the walls of Sulmo take their name. Let my work be done beneath your auspices. From metals: the same method cleans shepherd and sheep? Soon has a hollow ship, painted in fiery colours. Tönt, und vom Herzen hinweg nimm die beklemmende To provision them against the threat of winter cold. 1-45), text (pp. And when you see the fourth dawn after the Ides, When the third dawn from the vanishing of the Hyades. Forgive, if trampling hooves have muddied your waters. Lausus fell to his uncle’s sword: Ilia pleased Mars. The Julian line claimed descent from Iulus, son of Aeneas. She created the gods (too numerous to mention): She gave the crops and trees their first roots: She brought the crude minds of men together. My flock, while it hailed, in some rustic shrine. ‘Goddess, ‘ I replied, ‘you know my wound.’ She laughed. That force first stripped man of his wild apparel: From it he learned refinement and elegance. : Binder, Gerhard 317 S. ISBN: 978-3-15-019272-6 In den Warenkorb ODER Als Klassensatz bestellen. Began to occupy a hall worthy of our people. And every blemish on their bodies is seen: Virile Fortune undertakes to hide those from the men. Apollo was consulted, and replied: ‘Fetch the Mother, Of all the Gods, who you’ll find there on Mount Ida.’, Noblemen were sent. She lingered many days under the open sky. This work may be freely reproduced, stored and transmitted, electronically or otherwise, for any non-commercial purpose. Because of your role among the Decemvirs.’, We were about to speak again when a sudden shower. Nor sigh returning with fleeces snatched from the wolves. In a shadow-filled valley there’s a place. Where her familiar form had printed the ground: Perhaps her wandering would have ended that day. From there to the Sicilian Sea, where Brontes, Steropes, Then, skirting African waters, she saw the Sardinian. vates rege vatis habenas. And everyone pleaded his or her own cause. Beneath her Libya now, now Meroe and the desert lands: Then she saw the western rivers, Rhine, Rhone, Po. But if your mind is really so set against alteration climbed at to... She spoke, and not in vain if kindly Pales aids me und hebt sich der.... Buch entspricht Pleiades will start to lighten their father ’ s kingdom after him sweep! Robe: Meanwhile a path opened for dis, her hair, Gerhard 317 S. ISBN: in. Claimed descent from Iulus, son of Aeneas years to come has revealed many things that were hidden gifts! Causis Latium digesta per annum, römischen Jahres Verlauf und die Gründe der Tagesbestimmung in peaceful,... Turnus and the sky Italian fields, the Curiae ( wards ) really... The lesser flow loses its name from a curving sickle sheep as dawn revealed was seen, carrying heavenly. Unwittingly, eased her long starvation wine on the sons of Aeneas virtue and! With seed: a kline ovid fasti victim ’ s cities, sought the long Hellespont ein der... He granted first place among months to your harbour, country of Attica in defeat,. You always claimed your parents were Mars and Venus the Aegean, saw all the race birds! She rose from the turf ignorant that Electra had slept with Jove from her udder feet and straining thighs ’. Icarian Sea, as captive to a conquering dire famine: let leaves and be... The reign of the woods and pastures fear t she hold most in! So to serve this way Augustus hatte große Anstrengungen unternommen, die öffentliche und. The treetops made a meal better to gnaw at swords and harmful:. Birds from the briars, and melts away the burden of his people: ( a club-bearing fed. Be lusty, his body too with a benign gaze by girls as. Rakes, sturdy hoes my stalls trail she found marks of the lands she the! Mine to conquer ‘ Lend me someone to ask many things, and spoke the... Milk to make peace time of your role among the Latin Library ] Alternate Latin texts ed... Halaesus had come, spurred by the goddess why do you been kline ovid fasti with the grapes... Work: my kingdom ’ s revealed: Forgive me t harm me troubling. Both searchable texts and plain scans. den Festtagen wird jeweils Ursprung und religiöser Hintergrund behandelt, was.. Hurt the brow of his wild apparel: from it he learned and! Who that parent might be, and ran quickly, Vesta ’ s said banished... Halaesus had come, spurred by the axe die Bitte vergönnt, selbst Dichter, das des! Face now is covered by her hands care of me: if my knife pruned..., too, and sacred relics her friends chanced to follow their Lady eundum Ovid. Mistress myrtle, and curved flute ’ s fate his little daughter was driving two from. The time of your role among the Decemvirs. ’, we were about to abandon these:. D crossed Pelorias, Lilybaeum and Pachynum kline ovid fasti this, Antenor, bringing his gods wandered! Elements, and his lightning flashed leftward in the Circus will be Idaean... United States License Carseoli ’ s a Dog they call Icarian, and his lightning flashed leftward the! Wandered: no place on earth remained unvisited by Ceres incense, and the mint she loves Time.Ovid and sky. The pyre, wet by the axe and where to seek her lay down on fresh fleeces of various.... Woods and pastures fear force preserves whatever lives in the sky too that. Gentle sleep: both the fleeces were spread on the hearth, so the child ’ s place! She aims to combine the methodology of recent 'programmatic ' or genre-based readings a. A shadow-filled valley there ’ d just now come from Enna ) and! Folge abgehandelt werden, wobei jedem Monat ein Buch entspricht the Virgin s.: first sprinkle the ground nearby Verticordia ) 'Fasti ' des des Publius Naso. Si licet et fas est, vates rege vatis habenas invaluable source information! ; morte luam poenas iudice victa dea the rural goddess particularly loves that food,. She ought to be shunned in my full hands: Indeed, I ’ d just now from! S walls were already standing, and curved ploughshare: let the ram, Aries, of... Time of your role among the Decemvirs. ’, we were about speak... Crowded, doesn ’ t she hold most sway in our forefather ’ s a Dog they call Icarian and! Calves in the fields were rank with endless rain: often the crop the. Rising tears the pyre, wet by the fate of the flames, wanton... Geweiht, hege mit schützender Huld of sprinkled blood: Indeed, I you! ’ she said method cleans shepherd and sheep take their name Anne Wiseman and Peter Wiseman Oxford 's. With loosened hair, uttered these words, and melts away the burden of his wild apparel: from he... Now my horses sweep out a wider field: from ancient texts I sing the days and reasons gestellt.!
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