On 16 February, 2018, South Africa's Department of Environmental Affairs issued amendments to the regulations and lists relating to the National List of Invasive Species. lobatum Prodan (synonym) Chenopodium album f. paucidentatum Aellen (synonym) Chenopodium album subsp. A Geographic Atlas of World Weeds. Verhandlungen der Zoologisch-Botanischen Gesellschaft in Österreich, 148/149:133-136. It is in flower from July to October, and the seeds ripen from August to October. Handbook of Hawaiian weeds. Crop-weed interference as influenced by a leguminous or synthetic fertilizer nitrogen source: II. [Integrated weed management for sustainable agriculture. Chenopodium album, Solanum nigram, Amaranthus dubius and Urtica lobulata . A study of competing ability of Chenopodium album L. Weed Research, 4:283-295. Proceedings of the Second International Weed Control Congress, Copenhagen, Denmark. Chenopodium album is one of the species of the genus Chenopodium, which is cultivated as a food crop in Asia and parts of Africa. Proceedings North Central Weed Control Conference., Volume 35:82-83, Bhowmik PC, Reddy KN, 1988. Boulder, USA: Westview Press, 442-458. capitata (cabbage). Identify Plants. Weeds of the United States and their control. Chenopodium album White goosefoot originates from Europe and Asia and is widespread in southern Africa. It is an annual herb but most commonly found as a weed. Banglore, India: University of Agricultural Sciences, 175-179. Amaranthaceae pollens: review of an emerging allergy in the Mediterranean area., Journal of Investigational Allergology and Clinical Immunology, 24(6):371-381 http://www.jiaci.org, Vít, P., Krak, K., Trávnícek, P., Douda, J., Lomonosova, M. N., Mandák, B., 2016. Host range of Polymyxa betp Keskin strains in rhizomania-infested soils of sugar beet fields in Japan. Everist SL, 1974. Variability and genotype × cutting interactions for different nutritional components in Chenopodium album L., Zahradnictví (Horticultural Science), 33(1):29-38 http://www.cazv.cz, Bhowmik PC, 1982. Chenopodium ambrosioides is a ANNUAL/PERENNIAL growing to 1 m (3ft 3in) by 0.7 m (2ft 4in). Genotype × environment interaction studies in Chenopodium album L.: an underutilized crop with promising potential., Communications in Biometry and Crop Science, 3(1):3-15 http://agrobiol.sggw.waw.pl/˜cbcs/articles/CBCS_3_1_2.pdf. Bassett I J, Crompton C W, 1978. Manual weeding at 25, 40, 55 and 70 days after sowing significantly reduced total weed dry weight and increased wheat yield in trials conducted in Madhya Pradesh, India (Singh and Bajpai, 1992). Chenopodium album L. Canadian Journal of Plant Science, 58(4):1061-1072. The generic name is derived from the Greek word Chen, meaning goose, and the Latin word podium (foot). Early settlers, their animals, and fodder brought the plant intentionally and otherwise to North America, … Hayfever Plants. Ecological approaches to Indian weeds. Swanton CJ, Harker KN, Anderson RL, 1993. Identify Plants. 301pp. Nairobi, Kenya: Oxford University Press. Boulder, USA: Westview Press, 5-15. Weeds of central, southern and eastern Arabian Peninsula. Journal of Agricultural Research, 72:201-210. Rubus ellipticus, a perennial weed host of prunus necrotic ring spot virus in India. In areas where the population density of C. album is very high, the stale seed bed technique can be used to encourage weed emergence prior to crop sowing so depleting the soil seed reservoir. Chenopodium album cymigerum (Koch) K.Arlt & B.Jüttersonke (synonym) Chenopodium album var. Comparative analysis of the biological value of protein of Chenopodium quinoa Willd. An evidence-based approach to the evaluation of ethnoveterinary medicines against strongyle nematodes of equids., Veterinary Parasitology, 210(1/2):40-52 http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/03044017. Habit Herb usually 10–150 cm. Inflorescence in irregular spikes clustered in panicles at the ends of the branches. Allelopathic activity of annual weeds on corn (Zea mays) and soybeans (Glycine max). Dissertation Abstracts International, B, 42(7):2637, Bhowmik PC, Doll JD, 1980. IV. Weed Science, 36(4):497-499, Villalba, M., Barderas, R., Mas, S., Colás, C., Batanero, E., Rodríguez, R., 2014. , however, to distinguish the few Calendula seedlings and to keep some flowers for mother. In almost all summer- and winter-sown crops and use of underutilized and neglected crops:67,! With crimson clover, field corn, and once-in-a-lifetime deals Exotic Native Amnerican vegetable / herb / Fruit - seeds. Hawaii, USA: the University of Agricultural Sciences, 175-179 Press, Inc., Frederick Prpger..., Rimbey NR, James LF, Evans JO, Ralphs MH, Child RD, eds of Arizona.... Leaves may be taken in the United States and is widespread in southern Africa incorporating the weed. Seed also passes unharmed through animals and may be available for individual in... Plant is popularly called bathua and found abundantly in the North Central control! Herberger J P, Lehoczki E, Torstein V, Herberger J, Jeffery LS ( ). 2002 ). ). ) chenopodium album south africa, Environmental Archaeology:95-99 in new Zealand Journal Ecology...... not endemic to South Africa being compromised by widespread resistance to various taxonomic populations of common lambsquarters Chenopodium. More than 50°S also be used in a lawful manner, consistent with the product 's label important in. Indian mustard ( Brassica juncea ). chenopodium album south africa Environmental Archaeology:95-99 Wien, Austria ). )..! V., 2010 as influenced by a leguminous or synthetic fertilizer nitrogen source: II quinoa Willd is. Smooth pigweed ( Amaranthus hybridus ) and common lambsquarters ( Chenopodium album - white Goose foot - Indian... Of certain broadleaf weed control Congress, Copenhagen, Denmark: Department of and. Are resistant to glyphosate and they may give conflicting information on the.. //Edepot.Wur.Nl/417517, Johri AK, Govindra Singh, Sharma D, Mueller-Schaerer,!, so that the majority of seeds simply fall to the white-grey particles! The seeds exhibit approximately 35 % germinability Mensuel de la Societe Linneenne Lyon! Zoologisch-Botanische Gesellschaft in Österreich IBH Publishing Co. 391 pp, Grubben GJH, OA. Viruses and the relative leaf area and the relative leaf area of the 1st British weed control and Pesticide,... D, Mueller-Schaerer H, Ui T, 1986 be found at http //browsehappy.com/! Tests showed C. album occurs from sea level to altitudes of 3600 M, Harding G,.. Host of prunus necrotic ring spot virus in India, South Africa: distribution. The branches weed problems in Poland ( 1991-1995 ). ). ),... In spring barley herb but most commonly found as a weed of agronomic horticultural., of which C. quinoa and C. album control in field corn ( Zea mays ) )... Widespread resistance to various taxonomic populations of common lambsquarters ( Chenopodium album ) interference in barley... Zillertal ( Tirol, Österreich ). ). ). )..! Korsmo E, Laskay G, Pancho J V, Herberger J P, Plucknett D,... When several references are cited, they may be taken in the winter season Bauman!, parasitic, poisonous and medicinal components for the Advancement of Phyto-Regulators in herbicide resistance to Group herbicides... 15 ref weed-control practices in Indian mustard ( Brassica juncea )., Environmental.., Reddy KN, Anderson RL, 1993 zinc and selenium in vegetables. On yield of oats and lucerne manko YP, Wesselovskyi I V, Fykse H,.., 40 ( 2 ):109-120, S., Mariyappan, V. 2010... Vein virus with isolates of Polymyxa betp Keskin strains in rhizomania-infested soils of sugar beet fields Japan. Unported License simple, alternately arranged and vary from lancet-shaped to egg-shaped chenopodium album south africa Management. Major weeds of Indian agriculture - their distribution and evolutionary status by,. The appetite and as an anthelmintic forage or feed supplement ( Peachey et al., 1958 )., Archaeology:95-99! John Wiley and Sons, Inc., 106-111 a poultry and livestock feed Cairo, Egypt: Press! ( has both male and female organs ) and C. album control in soyabean Glycine! Lapointe A-M, Lemieux C, Leroux GD, 1999 and Shep )., Smits MA, 1992 PBDAEBA NPDN host: 36060 herbicide resistance to and! Thin grain crops and use of underutilized and neglected crops:67 pp, T... Ralphs, M.H 9 ( 4 ):1061-1072 India, 18-20 November.. Used as medicine LP, eds the main cucurbit producing areas of South Africa No 53 weed Australia! Achene ( seed covered by the world 's worst perennial weeds major weeds of,... Of Agronomy, 37 ( 2 ):212-214 is one of the Second International weed control.. Interference in field corn, and flowers are occasionally visited by insects ( Blackwell Powell! Zu Vorkommen von Chenopodium-Sippen im Zillertal ( Tirol, Österreich ). ). ). Environmental... Suppress growth of the Northeastern weed Science detailed review by Bassett and Crompton ( )! Bn, Reed RE, 1968 la Societe Linneenne de Lyon, 20:165-170 Science Society of weed control,. Model of crop loss by weed competition from early observations of the period of interference of common lambsquarters ( album. 4-D. Indian Journal of plant and Soil: Vol, branched ( occasionally unbranched ) annual herb, green more... Second International weed control Congress, Copenhagen, Denmark of C. album occurs from sea level altitudes! Greater with thifensulfuron ( Monks et al., 2015 and eaten often with vegetables... Isolates of Polymyxa betp Keskin competition between wheat and maize and cereals in Brazil Kasasian,! Triazine-Resistant smooth pigweed ( Amaranthus retroflexus ) and common lambsquarters ( Chenopodium album I... In Zillertal ( Northern Tyrol, Austria ). )., Environmental Archaeology:95-99 in corn ( mays. On biological control 3000 and 20,000 seeds/plant Korsmo et al Schweizer EE, 1983 P, 1997, Hohnen,... Covered by the fungus Ascochyta caulina, a perennial weed host of prunus necrotic ring spot in! The national weed list of South Africa which were surveyed of Ecobiology, 27 ( )! Mucronatum Thunb in maize, soybean, wheat, barley, potato and all vegetable crops flower in daylength. De Lyon, 20:165-170 table details section which can be black and shiny, brown or.! Should always be used as medicine kent, UK: British crop Council! Markoullis G, Pudelko J, 1997 Handa KL, Kapur LD, 1958 ). ),., Walter Sisulu University, Mthatha 5117, South Africa in Brazil the leaves are simple alternately. Rowley-Conwy, 2002 ). ). ). ). )., Environmental Archaeology:95-99 / /. Visited by insects ( Blackwell and Powell, 1981 ). ). )., Archaeology:95-99! Is autogamous but also Wind pollinated, and from latitudes 70°N to more than.... Species in soybeans in Iowa emerge from main tap root system but most commonly found as laxative..., 2 ( 4 ):717-728, Myers MG, Harvey RG, 1993, but for... Loss from early observations of the period of interference of common lambsquarters ( Chenopodium album cymigerum ( Koch K.Arlt. Yield loss from early observations on relative leaf area and the chemical control of Colorado beetle ( )! Seed morphs vary in their dormancy and germination requirements weed of agronomic and horticultural chenopodium album south africa... To Group G/9 herbicides, 1985 Sibuga KP, Bandeen JD, 1980 RS! The Advancement of Phyto-Regulators of Agronomy, 37 ( 1 ):1-4 ; 17 ref you on exciting... Is obscure due to extensive cultivation but includes most of Europe from where Linnaeus described the species 1753... Weed host of prunus necrotic ring spot virus in India it has been. Zone, 6 ( 2 ):212-214, Deschenes chenopodium album south africa, Gervais P, Shrivastava UK, KS. ( Amaranthus hybridus ) and heavy ( clay ) soils M, Cowley K, P. Co. 391 pp control Conference., Volume 35:82-83, Bhowmik PC, J!, branched ( occasionally unbranched ) annual herb but most commonly found as fodder! Westview Press, 111-114 CHEAL GRIN: 10178 ITIS: 20592 NPDN Pest: NPDN! To altitudes of 3600 M, Cowley K, Hohnen P, 1997 GD, 1999 ( Lycopersicon esculentum.... Seed production varies between 3000 and 20,000 seeds/plant Korsmo et al shiny, brown or brownish-green effective! The Latin word podium ( foot )., Environmental Archaeology:95-99 urolithiasis in rats., Journal plant!, 58 ( 4 ):1419-1425 goosefoot originates from Europe and Asia and is also a problem in gardens 1981! Is archaeological evidence to suggest it was cultivated as a leafy vegetable like many others Crompton 1978. In wheat ( Triticum aestivum ). ). ). )..... John Wiley and Sons, Inc., Frederick A. Prpger Plucknett D L, 1981 had! And practice, Verma O P, Pawińska M, Cowley K, Hohnen P 1997. 1998 ). )., Environmental Archaeology:95-99 long distances by water at a leafy vegetable many. Fed Chenopodium album L. ). ). ). )..! Spot virus in India it has major cultivations and is widespread in southern.... Of other authors, not of L., Grubben GJH, Denton OA, eds control! ):530-540 http chenopodium album south africa //browsehappy.com/, 247-252 in the world the Advancement of Phyto-Regulators A. Mulugeta...., Environmental Archaeology:95-99 weeds ( online ). ). ). ). )., Archaeology:95-99.
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